Verbal + Yoon, Champ Medici, gmoney, Brycent, and Dan Held headline the 2023 edition of LEDGER PRO TEAM.

We are glad to introduce SZN 2 of the LEDGER PRO TEAM, a collection of Web3 thought leaders, creators, artists, technologists, developers, futurists and disruptors. Our shared purpose is to educate and inspire the diverse communities that will make up the world of Web3 and digital assets.  

The LEDGER PRO TEAM are the builders, innovators and thought leaders driving the space forward. They represent the diverse audiences and communities that we build products and services for.

The 2023 LEDGER PRO TEAM includes: 

  • Verbal + Yoon (AMBUSH)
  • Champ Medici
  • Gmoney 
  • Brycent
  • Dan Held

Ledger and the LEDGER PRO TEAM will collaborate throughout 2023 to educate communities on the evolving world of digital assets. Each member of the LEDGER PRO TEAM represents a specific community and area of expertise, and the diversity in skillsets, knowledge and locations across the team will allow us to educate a broad, global audience.

“The LEDGER PRO TEAM brings together the brightest cultural innovators in the Web3 space, the creators that will chart the course for mass adoption,” says Ariel Wengroff, VP of Communications at Ledger. “SZN 2 members carry the torch our SZN 1 alumni carried with distinction, as we broaden the verticals and geographies we aim to educate. We’re so proud to have these brilliant people work with us every day. This year, we’ll work with them to teach everyone the value of creative custody – we can shape a more transparent and empowered future for creators to keep their IP and their community secure.”

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